Dark Ambient Music – Enoch

Dark Ambient Music – Enoch

Dark ambient music has this brooding plod which cannot be matched. Bred from metal and electronic music, and drawing on the collective archetypes of evil, it is like brimstone—seething, trying to pull you in. Artists like Sunn0)), Khanate, and Boyd Rice,  as well as the more frightening pieces by electronic musicians like Gordon Mumma and Stockhausen, provide a slow boil which cannot be defied.

Recorded with one guitar, this piece uses a 60-cycle hum to anchor a bass plod. Aided by a deeply effect guitar and a prayer in the allegedly celestial language of Enochian, the piece quickly adds layer after layer to set a mood that cannot be escaped. The sample, a demonic prayer, provides what could be vocals, spilling over the pulse while never being beholden to it. Finally, a major riff cycles in, to offer the hope of return to a regular place. Each loop is maintained to continually roll the stone up the hill, with only the piercing static to offer any differentiation.

Dark ambient music the extreme romanticism of Scriabin and Berg, whose music was deeply disturbing, yet used musical languages that were less offensive to audiences’ ears. Dark ambient uses the languages of rock and metal, which are mainstream forms of music.



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