Electroacoustic Music – Guitar Work II

Electroacoustic Music – Guitar Work II

Using a similar recording setup to another electroacoustic composition, this piece starts sharply, using noise to create a constantly shifting backdrop to improvised guitar harmonics. At specific points, blasts of noise emphasize or disrupt the flow of the guitar line. Various riffs and melodies emerge and transform over the course of the guitar playing, though errors are retained, as they provide subconscious themes unintended when playing.
Thick processing provides added timbres to the solo guitar, offering more structure to the electroacoustic music than a solo improvisation would otherwise have. Bitcrushers, which digitally degrade the sound, reverbs, which model hearing the sound in a large room, and equalizers, which focus the sound’s frequency range.
These sounds serve to support and interact with the improvisation, exploring and wandering without being lost. Finally, the electroacoustic music piece ends with a chugging, mechanical sound. The guitar’s constant use of harmonics is possible due to the unique guitar, which uses a warm cedar as the body wood, and the radical scordatura, which loosens the strings of the guitar to allow them to vibrate more strongly around weaker, less used, nodes.
This electroacoustic music work is performed on a guitar, recorded with headphones as microphones, processed and edited in Logic Express using a toolbox of free Audio Units plugins.

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