Found Sound Music – ••

Found Sound Music – ••

This piece of found sound music was an entry into Abadoss’s Conceptual Music Competition. The goal was to evoke the theme of “The Secret Lab,” and I used the cut-and-paste techniques of musique concrète to create a cohesive story.

A man travels, with only the sound of trudging through a muddy swamp and the path to a lonely farmhouse to accompany him. He stops only to have a cigarette before he reaches his workroom.

He opens the door with a large creak, the lights a match to find the light switch. He begins his experiments, lighting gas burners and boiling liquids. Switching an electric device, he hones the settings until he’s interrupted by his cell phone. The interference ruins his tests, so he decides to answer it and turn off the recording.

He returns and restarts his experiments. After some time, he travels down steps, where inhuman noises are heard, coming closer and closer. He runs, and when safe lights another cigarette. He runs again, then a tortured scream precedes a sharp thunderstrike.

Such found sound music was originally labor intensive, involving physical manipulation of magnetic tape. Today, such exacting techniques have given way to digital sound processing. Using sounds found at, I tried to paint a story, something that is rare in my music.

Found sound music is a broad and fascinating area of electronic art.

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1 Comment

  1. ir said,

    March 15, 2011 at 11:01 pm

    where is it, is it a variation of silence
    m really curious upload it again
    good work, best regards

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